Archive solution

"Optimizing the efficiency, accessibility, and security for your archives"
DATAHOUSE provides comprehensive and tailored archive and records management solutions. Our dedicated focus lies in optimizing the efficiency, accessibility, and security of your archives. Rest assured, you can rely on us to expertly manage all your archiving requirements, allowing you to prioritize your core business activities.


Standard shelves

Discover durable, versatile standard shelves with adjustable shelving options. Choose from various designs and finishes to suit any space. Optimize vertical space with easy assembly and minimal maintenance.

Movable shelves

Maximize your archive storage space with our mobile archive storage systems. Our movable archive shelving increases capacity without sacrificing space. High density mobile shelving fits more into smaller areas, maximizing utilization. Constructed with durable materials, our shelves ensure longevity. Customize layout to store legal documents, medical records, and more efficiently. Compact shelving: the ideal archive solution!.

Heavy duty shelves

Optimize your storage with our heavy-duty shelving solutions. Increase capacity without compromising space. Designed for durability and sustainability, our high-density shelves maximize utilization. Customize layout to efficiently store heavy items. The ultimate solution for heavy-duty storage needs.

Archive boxes

Efficient archive box solutions

Enhance your archive storage with our archive box solutions. Expand capacity without forfeiting space. Crafted for durability and sustainability, our high-density systems optimize utilization. Tailor the layout to efficiently store archive boxes of standard size: 33 CM width, 40 CM depth, and 26 CM height. The premier solution for streamlined archive management.
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Custom printing
Custom labels
Branded tape 

Barcode Label & Scanners

Fast & Custom Barcode Label Printing

We specialize in efficient barcode label printing services, offering a wide range of customizable options to meet your specific needs fast delivery within 12 to 48 hours, we ensure your labels are printed accurately and on time, whether you prefer direct thermal or thermal transfer printing. Our services include full-color printing, custom label sizes, and barcode verification for scannability assurance. We provide labels in rolls, fan-folded, or sheets for your convenience, supporting both 1D and 2D symbology formats.
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With 18 years of expertise, DATAHOUSE simplifies business processes using intelligent capture and workflow technology for present and future success.
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