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We offer document digitization services, including archiving, scanning, tagging, customizing, and integrating documents for easy access. Digitization protects your document from the threat of it being lost or destroyed. Our data digitization process converts the offline paper document into multiple digital formats. We transform the physical document into digital versions such as XML, Xls, gif, doc, HTML, CD, etc.
Our document digitization reduces dependence on the original documents and helps you to use them without affecting their security, operation, and control. Our experts check, scan, and convert offline documents into digital versions with the utmost accuracy and efficiency. We help a diverse array of businesses implement digital transformation to improve their organizational efficiency, time, space, and money

Types of Digitization Services We Offer

Business document scanning and digitization.

Business Document

Through our business document digitization services, we manage your business files and help give them an electronic format for better access. We transform documents into various forms, including PDF, JPEG, JPG, and TIFF. By following the advanced scanning standards, we keep the graphical content unchanged. We utilize popular document management systems to create categorically sophisticated databases. OCR and other technology to ensure the converted document remains searchable all the time.

Books and Manuscripts

Digitizing manuscripts and books becomes important when you need to preserve them longer. Not only for this purpose, but also digitization provides access to researchers and historians to avail the information whenever they require. To help professionals easily access various manuscripts and books, our experts convert them into digital formats for easy and smooth navigation, giving people thorough ideas of finding the right materials for specific purposes.
Books and manuscript scanning and digitization.
Architectural layouts and engineering diagrams

Large Document

We digitize architectural layouts, engineering diagrams, newspapers, photographs, Large non-standard book pages, paintings or posters, and a wide range of other documents. Our efficient tools, digitization scanners, convert your documents into electronic versions. We scan various documents irrespective of their sizes and bring them into a searchable format for easy access.

Newspaper & Magazine

To facilitate digital accessibility for a wider audience, we also convert the newspaper and magazine into a digital format. Our document scanning and digitization services give you and your audience access to the interesting information that matters. Our newspaper digitization protects newspaper clippings and prepares a collection of unique and special materials for future reference and audience accessibility, making the research and information-pulling process much easier without damaging the original document
Newspaper and magazine scanning
Image digitization scanning

Image Digitization

Our image digitization solution gives you access to the image by making it available digitally. We build a digital repository that saves your important photos. While preparing a digital repository, we take care of bit depth, file format, resolution, and other technical aspects. Our experts successfully and efficiently do digital imaging that improves your workflows and allows you to manage various image collections. Our established system, technology, on-site service, and expertise give your images a better approach to being seen.

Technical Documents

We scan and convert your technical documents, including product manuals, SOP, safety data sheet, training material, patents, hardware and software UI, compliance and safety into an electronic format while capturing valuable information and maintaining a central repository. This gives you simplified access to utilize the documents for future reference and retrieving the information. We have converted thousands of technical manuals, folders, and binders. Our efficient digitization system ensures that digitized content successfully serves your needs.
Technical documents scanning and digitization
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