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Image Access Scanners are a game-changer in scanning images. They offer efficiency by quickly scanning large volumes of images and accessibility by making your digitized images instantly available for search and sharing. Moreover, they aid in preserving your images from physical damage and allow easy integration into other systems. By choosing Image Access Scanners, you’re investing in the future of your archives, ensuring preservation and instant access whenever needed

Models of scanners

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Book scanners

A close-up of the Image Access Book Eye Scanner V5, showing its sleek design and advanced features.
BookEye scanner series is a highly efficient and user-friendly solution for book scanning. With a variety of models to choose from, each offering high-quality image results, it caters to specific needs. The series not only ensures the preservation of your books but also allows easy integration of the digitized images into other systems. It’s a compact, versatile, and smart choice for optimizing book scanning processes.

Wide format scanners

WideTEK 36
These scanners offer efficient large-scale scanning, capable of swiftly scanning large documents and images. With user-friendly design and customizable models, they digitize documents swiftly, preserving them from physical damage. These scanners seamlessly integrate digitized images into other systems, making them versatile for various applications. Choose Image Access's scanners for efficiency, quality, preservation, and versatility in scanning.

Flat bed scanners

WideTEK 12
These scanners are renowned for their versatility, catering to a broad spectrum of industries. They are designed to handle various document sizes and types with precision and speed, making them suitable for sectors that require efficient and high-quality digitization. With options for scanning transparent materials, these scanners offer flexibility for specialized scanning needs, ensuring that all digitization tasks are performed with ease and accuracy. Flatbed Scanners are the go-to choice for professional-grade scanning solutions.

Art scanners

These scanners are designed for the high-quality digitization of fine art. They are ideal for reprography specialists offering fine art digitization services and can be used in various settings, including museums for scanning entire collections or in a mobile setup for on-the-go digitization. These scanners provide a lucrative opportunity for professionals in the art market to preserve and share valuable artworks digitally. Image Access’s Art Scanners ensure precision and care in handling delicate originals, making them a top choice for preserving and digitizing fine art collections.
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