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Welcome to DATAHOUSE, the premier managed service provider catering to East African medium and large enterprises.
At DATAHOUSE, we recognize the challenges inherent in overseeing your IT systems. Our managed ICT infrastructure services are designed to alleviate this burden, enabling our clients to concentrate on their primary objectives. At the same time, we handle the intricacies of their IT infrastructure, ensuring efficiency and security.

Our Services Inludes

ICT Consultation

We assist businesses in developing effective IT strategies aligned with their goals and objectives.
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Business Processing and Workflow

We analyze existing workflows and recommend improvements using technology.
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Automatic Data Capture

We eliminate manual data entry errors and inefficiencies by reducing human intervation with our advanced technology
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Document Scanning & Digitization

We transform your documents into digital assets with our advanced digitization solutions, ensuring efficiency in data preservation.
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ID Printing

We easily print IDs with our efficient solutions, ensuring accuracy and precision in card production.
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Archive Setup

We enhances your storage system, providing effortless strategies for effective structuring and space maximization.
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Document Sorting

We manually and digitally categorize and arrange documents based on your predefined parameters.
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Data Entry & Validation

We enhance your operations with our efficient services, ensuring precision, quality, and compliance.
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Document Destruction

We guarantee secure and efficient disposal of documents, safeguarding your data from unauthorized access..
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With 18 years of expertise, DATAHOUSE simplifies business processes using intelligent capture and workflow technology for present and future success.
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