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"Plain…printed barcode labels. Fast felivery"
Welcome to DATAHOUSE, your one-stop destination for efficient barcode label printing services. With our streamlined process, you can save time, money, and avoid scannability issues associated with barcode printing.
Our barcode label printing service is designed for ease of use, offering a vast selection of label stock in various sizes and customizable options to meet your specific requirements. Whether you prefer direct thermal or thermal transfer printing, we've got you covered. Our fast and economical service ensures that your labels are printed accurately and delivered within 12 to 48 hours, allowing you to stay on schedule and keep your operations running smoothly.

What we offer:

Labels printed and delivered within 12 to 48hours.
Full-color printing options available.
Custom label sizes tailored to your needs.
Finished printed labels provided in rolls, fan-folded, or sheets for your convenience.
Barcode verification to ensure scannability before sending to the customer.
Barcode printing in both 1D and 2D symbology formats.

Barcode label examples here!

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Barcode scanners

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Label printers

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Printing ribbons

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Direct and thermal transfer labels

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